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General Medicine

Dr. Benson"It is critical that patients are truthful with their physicians. Hiding information from or misleading your health care provider not only has no benefit, it could have very serious consequences. Remember, your doctor works for you …"

Cosmetic Medicine:
Feel Great, Look Terrific!

"Age 60 is the new 40 for both men and women. Thanks to the advancement of medical science, people are living longer and staying healthier. People want to be well and look well too …"

Living with HIV

HIV logo"HIV, though chronic, is now a manageable disease with over 20 medications available to treat it. However, successful treatment requires not missing a single dose of medication (adherence); otherwise, resistance will develop and future therapies may be less successful…"

Transcending “WHAT IF” to


A Report from the International AIDS Society Meeting

"I have attended just about every International AIDS conference since they began in the early 1980s. I have learned something and improved my skill set in some way from each and every one of them. …This year’s International AIDS Society’s conference in Rome, Italy goes down as being even more of a HIV game changer, specifically in the area of PREVENTION. There are now several scientifically accepted studies defining how HIV medications not only can successfully manage HIV infection, but also under the right circumstances prevent HIV transmission to an unaffected sexual partner—one study reports up to 92% effective. "
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